This summer we launch our new collection Island Life and we’re using this opportunity to celebrate some incredible friends and colleagues within our Boom community, of diverse ages, genders and cultural backgrounds, with a special focus on Pacific Island cultures within Australia.

Continuing the Boom Shankar’s philosophy of cross-cultural co-operation and inspiration, we’re harnessing the power of social media to shine a spotlight on the valuable contribution Pacific Islander culture makes to life in Australia by featuring a range of talented artists, musicians, chefs, performers and journalists with Pacific Island heritage.

“Throughout the last 26 years of designing Boom and living between Australia and India (where the brand began), I've always been inspired by a great diversity of cultures across the world and the amazing stories and people you meet along the way."
"I feel like fashion has such huge potential to bring people together and make positive change in the world, so I wanted to use our social networks,  to connect communities and give people the chance to see the world through other’s eyes. Sometimes you can listen to a person's story, and their experiences and ideas can touch you in a way that changes your perspective, influencing how you live your life.  I want Boom Shankar to be a place where a wide diversity of stories are told – the clothes are really just a fantastic way to engage people.” ~ Dui
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